Jaffa, the southern and oldest part of Tel Aviv–Yafo, is an ancient port city in Israel.


A PASSPORT TO israeli innovation


A PASSPORT TO israeli innovation

Virginia companies access israeli innovation

Virginia companies can access Israeli innovative technologies to gain competitive advantages and shorten R&D cycles and lower costs. 

Israel has the highest number of people (per capita) working in R&D in the world and the highest venture capital investment levels per capita in the world.  These factors created a pool of hundreds of early-stage, innovative Israeli companies seeking to enter the U.S. market, and they are ripe to partner with mature Virginia businesses. 

To access Israeli innovation, many leading U.S. companies built substantial R&D centers and business accelerators in Israel (e.g. Google; Apple; Motorola; CNN; Coca Cola; Microsoft). Intel recently committed investing $11 billion more in their Israel plant and Warren Buffet’s first acquisition outside the U.S. was an Israeli company. 

VIAB Open Innovation Program

The Virginia Israel Advisory Boards Open Innovation program provides Virginia companies access to innovative Israeli Technology and can often fund R&D and product development JVs.

Open (External) Innovation programs enhance internal R&D by acquiring I.P. technology and products outside of the company.


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