Largest Concentration of Tech workers in the US

Virginia Ranked America’s Top State for doing Business

2 years in a row in CNBC’s state competitiveness rankings. Virginia has captured top honors five times – more than any other state.

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Virginia Companies
  • Access R&D & Technology
  • Contract manufacturing clients
  • EDAs spotlight your region
  • Open/External Innovation Partners
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Israeli Companies
  • Access Strategic Partners
  • Resources to build U.S. presence
  • Funding / Incentives
  • Partners to comply with made in America Requirements
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There are strong synergies between Virginia and Israeli businesses particularly in manufacturing, maritime, defense and tech related industries.

In 20 years, we brought 100 Israeli companies to Virginia and helped them grow.

Strauss Group’s $100m Sabra Hummus Factory

Zim’s Israel Shipping Lines North America Headquarters

Teva Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Plant

Oran Safety Glass

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) – U.S. HQ in Hearndon

Elbit Systems – $350m Acquisition of Harris Night Vision in Roanoke

Skyline Software Systems, Inc.

Nilit America

Priority Software

Cupron – Richmond BioPark

Energix Group

25 Defense & Cyber Security Companies

Choosing a U.S. location for your Israeli company.

When choosing a U.S. site for your Israeli company partnerships and non-financial incentives often have a more significant impact on your bottom-line than outright financial grants and tax breaks.

Virginia Israel Advisory Board Executive Director Dov Hoch shared the stage with the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and the Chairman of the Association of American States in Israel at the U.S. Israel Business Summit in Tel Aviv. Dov provided case studies of why leading Israeli companies choose to locate in Virginia — each for the different reasons. “Strategic partnerships can radically reduce your time-to-money; and cut costs of setting up operations by 80%”